Congratulations Northwestern Dance Marathon !

Congratulations to the dancers, the NUDM steering committee and the co-chairs, and to all the donors that made this year’s event another wonderful example of our Northwestern community giving back. We were proud here in Northwestern IT to help, in our own way, by providing the streaming services to NUDM again this year. As NUDM has evolved, so has video streaming and services we have provided. The statistics of this years stream:
Total Unique Viewers: 1832

Total Viewing Time: 2780h 9m 30s

Avg Viewing Time: 1h 31m 3s

Total used Bandwidth: 2857.83GB

Countries: 28

United States of America, Canada, Costa Rica, Switzerland, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, India, Mexico, Korea (Republic of), Chile, Singapore, Hong Kong, Spain, Dominican Republic, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Ireland, Thailand, Haiti, Norway, France, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Colombia, Greece, Peru, Russian Federation, Sweden and South Africa.




Tips & Tricks Series

This video is the first in a series we will be producing called “Tips & Tricks”. We will be covering many areas, including makeup and scriptwriting, that will help you improve your performance in front of the camera. Check out the video below to get the wardrobe guidelines for your next video!


An exciting night: NUPredicts the Oscars


Like the rest of the world, the Northwestern IT NUPredicts team was watching the Oscars last night. The prediction game was working just fine as the team rolled through the major awards, updated the leaderboard in real time, and keeping the game moving along. So, when the great screw up occurred, the Northwestern IT NUPredicts team had already put “La La Land” in and run the scores. After some immediate late night adjustments, re-running the scores, the correct winners were on the leaderboard. Despite best efforts we can’t anticipate all the issues that might come up when running a live game, we can only try and stay on top of it all, alot like Price Waterhouse…

Media & Animation Tools Workshop

We are delighted to be working with Teri Odom and her freshman seminar class again this year!  Jane, one of our extraordinary student video specialists,...
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Martin Luther King Jr. & Martin Luther

Northwestern’s celebration of the life and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. continues, with today’s Keynote Address by Dr. Mae Jemison.  Martin Luther King...
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Celebrating EMBA Convocation

Today we are in the beautiful Alice Millar Chapel supporting the EMBA Convocation­!  We are providing at 2-camera live stream for the families and...
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SHyNE Resource Video

We had the unique opportunity to collaborate on a video production with the team at SHyNE (Soft and Hybrid Nanotechnology Experimental) Resource, a NSF-NNCI program...
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Making Experts: A new video featuring Professor Teri Odom –

We get to work with all of the great faculty at Northwestern. The latest featured article and video we developed for the Digital Learning...
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Oncofertility Consortium Celebrates Cubs World Series Win

We’re so pleased to be here in a community of Chicago Cubs fans. We had a great day yesterday of presentations about basic science/transplant...
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The 10th Anniversary of Oncofertility!

This week we have the pleasure of supporting the 10th annual Oncofertility Consortium Conference!  We are providing photography and live-switched video recording for the...
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499 years ago today… Learn more with this mooc

Exploring Ideas: Luther and the West from NU Digital Learning on Vimeo. Martin Luther nailed a copy of his 95 Theses to the Wittenberg...
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Make your predictions about the election now at NU Predicts: The Election

Our third version of NUpredicts, The One Book One Northwestern prediction game is currently live. This version of the game is dedicated to seeing...
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